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HIV/AIDS Bookstore: HIV & Women

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The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women: Perspectives on the Pandemic in the United States
A Positive Life: Portraits of Women Living With HIV
A Woman's Guide to Living with HIV Infection
Women's Experiences With HIV/Aids: Mending Fractured Selves
Women, Families and HIV/AIDS: A Sociological Perspective on the Epidemic in America
Workable Sisterhood: The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS


The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women: Perspectives on the Pandemic in the United States
by Jennifer Manlowe and Nancy Goldstein

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Women now account for the majority of all new HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed in the United States. Yet, the resources allotted to women for research, health services, education, and outreach remain woefully inadequate. The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women fills crucial gaps in understanding the specific effects of HIV and AIDS on and in women's lives. It takes as its starting point the premise that it is vitally important for researchers, teachers, health service providers, public policy makers, and community-based organizers to begin taking gender-- especially as it intersects with race, class, and sexuality-- into consideration as they work with HIV-infected women.


A Positive Life: Portraits of Women Living With HIV
by River Huston and Mary Berridge

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She could be your mother, your sister, your neighbor, your colleague. She's just like anyone you know, except she's living with HIV. The women portrayed in this profoundly moving volume of essays and photographs speak openly about their feelings and their hopes, while conveying what it is like to be, in the author's words, "a woman living with a disease that provokes anger, hatred and denial, yet somehow inspires in us equal measures of compassion, faith, and humanity". As Huston, who is HIV positive herself, has written, "like many of the women in this book, I have frequently been misquoted, misunderstood, or censored beyond all recognition. Quite simply, I want these women to tell their remarkable stories".


A Woman's Guide to Living with HIV Infection
by Rebecca A. Clark MD PhD

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Written by three experts with extensive experience helping people with HIV/AIDS, A Woman's Guide to Living with HIV Infection is a medically informational, comprehensive, and deeply compassionate resource for women with HIV and their families and friends. While addressing the entire range of health and emotional issues faced by people with HIV, the authors cover topics of special interest to women gynecologic disorders, reproductive choices, contraception, and pregnancy. The authors offer clear advice on these and other crucial topics: Testing for HIV and coping with the diagnosis Finding a physician and preparing for the first visit Recognizing symptoms and preventing complications Understanding the latest treatment options, including new medical research and clinical trials Coping with gynecological infections and STDs Considering pregnancy and birth control Assuring breast, bone, and heart health Treating drug and alcohol dependence Dealing with partner violence and abuse Also included are lists of recommended books, support groups, Web sites, and other resources for people with HIV. The practical advice in this book can help the thousands of women diagnosed with HIV every year lead to fuller and healthier lives. empower women with HIV to fully participate in their care and one that is both up to date and written at a level that is understandable to lay readers without being too simplistic. This book meets a great need within the community of women with HIV.


Women's Experiences With HIV/Aids: Mending Fractured Selves
by R Dennis Shelby

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Drawing on interviews with 37 HIV-positive women, this study analyzes the effects of the illness on women's identities, the meaning women assign to HIV infection, and the ways in which they integrate HIV into their biographies. Ciambrone (Brown University) also discusses the nature and consequences of women's coping strategies, and the dual challenge of caregiving and living with HIV infection.


Women, Families and HIV/AIDS: A Sociological Perspective on the Epidemic in America
by Carole A. Campbell

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Carole Campbell examines the position of women in the AIDS epidemic (women living with HIV, and women caring for HIV-infected family members) in a sociocultural context. Campbell draws a connection among women's risk of AIDS, gender roles (particularly adolescent gender role socialization), and male sexual behavior, demonstrating that efforts to contain the spread of the disease to females must also target the male behavior that puts women at risk. This study concludes that compared with men, HIV-infected women face unequal access to care and unequal quality of care. Informed by the moving personal accounts of eleven HIV-infected men and women, this book offers a rare, broad picture of the sociocultural causes and the impact on American society of AIDS among women.


Workable Sisterhood: The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS
by Michele Tracy Berger

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"An important contribution to the sociology of AIDS and to feminist writing concerning women who are multiply stigmatized by racism, poverty, sexual abuse, drug use, and gender."—Nancy Stoller, University of California, Santa Cruz, author of Lessons from the Damned: Queers, Whores, and Junkies Respond to AIDS

"Groundbreaking! Workable Sisterhood expands the discussion of the new face of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and it introduces unique qualitative empirical data. I am unaware of any other book that enables the reader to hear firsthand women's personal stories of addiction, infection, and personal transformation. Berger's scholarship sets a feminist standard in work on stigmatized women by presenting such women as actors and thinkers, rather than victims and voiceless research data."—Julia Sudbury, Mills College, author of Other Kinds of Dreams: Black Women's Organizations and the Politics of Transformation

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